Assessment with BioScan touch i8 is seamless, quick and easy

No specialist skills, minimal training
Simple, clear and concise visual data with targets and advance warning
The results can help guide treatment decisions

BioScan touch i8 Measured Parameters

Body Composition

Body Fat %, Body Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass, Fat Free Mass %, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Target Weight Min/Max.

Dry Weight, Minerals & Bone Density

Dry Weight, Body Cell Mass, Extracellular Mass, Protein Mass, Mineral Mass, Muscle Mass, Glycogen Mass, Body Density, Total Body Potassium, Total Body Calcium Mass, Glomerular Filtration Rate, Creatinine, Body Volume.

Segmental Assessment

Visceral Fat Level, Visceral Fat Area, Segmental Fat Analysis, Segmental ICW Analysis, Segmental ECW Analysis, Leg Lean Mass, TBW/LBM, Skeletal Muscle Index.

Fluid Measurements

Extracellular Water Volume, Intercellular Water Volume, Total Body Water Volume, Extracellular Water %, Intercellular Water %, Total Body Water %

Extracellular / Intracellular Water Interstitial-Fluid, Extra Vascular Plasma Fluid (Intravascular) Min and Max Targets for all the measured Parameters.

Raw Data

Impedance, Phase Angle, Resistance, Reactance, Capacitance, all frequencies of Whole Body and Segmental

Visual Reporting for Better Outcomes

In today’s busy healthcare environment, timely information on patient status is crucial for accurate diagnosis.

Initial assessment with Maltron BioScan touch i8 is a vital step in extracting as much information in order to chart a course of action.
BioScantouch i8 provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive report allowing you to track and monitor patients at every stage of the treatment.

Having the ability to quickly and easily test patients and receive comprehensive interpretive reports immediately after the assessment is invaluable to healthcare providers.

BioScan touch i8 assessment is vital in order to detect and facilitate the identification of patients who may be at risk. The reports generated are easy to read and understandable. The assessments are far-reaching and provide important patient insight into a number of potential health risks.

The software provides, trends, graphs and includes configurable alerts for each of the collected parameters. Its array of features, such as data collection, event analysis and a variety of PDF reports, make it versatile and customisable to your needs.

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Humanity & Technology

A new partnership made in heaven

Maltron BioScan touch i8 understands, reasons and learns – helping translate information into knowledge that can help drive more informed decision-making.

With Maltron’s touch i8 body composition monitor, we are able to see and analyse every element of the data more than ever before – and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Configuration of the screen layout
  • Innovative data visualisation
  • Event tracking
  • Advanced trend features
  • Extended help functions
  • Flexible software allows integration of future developments
Standalone - does not require operating systems or service to run
Application which can run without the need for installation procedure
Allows streamline operations and improves real time decision making
EMR Integration - HL7 optional
Complete solution to streamline
Eliminates mundane tasks and maximises your resources

Changing the Concept of Medical Device Assessment

BioScan touch i8 harnesses information to enhance patient care and help accelerate analysis. By making connections that may not have been previously considered.
The touch i8 generates new insight, expediting the analysis process and helping clinicians understand, identify promising targets for research, and encourage discovery.

Increasing the Innovation Capability & Becoming More Efficient

With BioScan touch i8, innovation helps monitor measure and deploy cost-effective solutions enabling more efficient decision-making. The status and progress of initiatives can be instantly tracked in the innovation funnels and quadrants.

Time and stress spent on reporting is relieved, as Maltron help facilitates streamlined, focused information viewing and sharing.

Top-level Patient Monitoring

Maltron allows healthcare professionals to manage and monitor in real-time. These activities can be monitored by strategic clinical areas.
Healthcare providers are able to accurately, update information and improve patient outcome. Maltron provides the means in which a clinician can manage patient assessment in confidence.

Visualising Outcomes

Access Instant Patient Information

Maltron’s ingenuity and forward, careful thinking has led to the creation of the advance integrated spectacular software.
BioScan touch i8 provides physicians instant access to key clinical data about patient’s status which is crucial to the quality of care provided. Interactive summary lets you quickly analyse patient’s results in a single screen making treatment decisions easier.

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Our software applications can operate across different platforms & have made it possible to connect diverse devices with one another. This connectivity furthermore has enabled doctors to diagnose and treat patients remotely.

Professional Quality

Maltron’s intelligent device and software advancements has made it possible and easier for clinicians to make quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases/conditions and determine the appropriate treatment method.

Proudly Accurate

Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data is more important than any other feature that a medical device offers. Maltron’s intelligence system enables fast and accurate analysis of more patients in a short time.

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