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Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)

Maltron Sheffield MK 3.5

Welcome to the birth of a novel Imaging Technique in the Medical field that is non-invasive, and non-intrusive, with no radiation, and no side effects.

The Maltron Sheffield MK 3.5Electrical Impedence Tomography (EIT) device – is a state of art Impedance Imaging research and clinical tool that has applications in Pulmonary, Gastric and Body Segment monitoring, as well as Tissue characterisation.

Over 20 years of research and development in the field of Electrical Impedance Tomography has provided a state of art tool for a number of significant medical applications, as a safer and more cost effective method of assessing patients.

The Maltron Sheffield Mk 3.5 applies a set of electrodes around the area under investigation and then makes a series of impedance measurements. These measurements are then used to produce images.

Evolution of Electrical Impedance Tomography

Several designs have been implemented over 2 decades, giving Maltron Sheffield research team an unprecedented wealth of experience and knowledge that has led to continued product evolution.

Many of our designs have already been implemented, and the MK1 and SAPT systems have been especially popular for medical research groups the world over – making Maltron Sheffield the largest manufacturer of EIT systems in the world.

The latest MK3.5 was designed primarily for ease of applications and its use on neonates.

Over 2 decades of history of development which has resulted in the following products being implemented:


  • 16 Electrodes – 50KHZ data collection system
  • Miniature version of MK1, for use with astronauts and flown on the Russian MIR programme
  • 16 Electrodes – 20KHZ.
  • 16 Electrodes – Operating at 8 frequencies from 9.6KHZ TO 1.2MHZ
  • 64 Electrodes – Operating from 9.6KHZ TO 1.2MHZ
  • 8 Electrodes – 2KHZ to 1.6MHZ at 30 frequencies.

Advantages of MK 3.5 Electrical Impedence Tomography

Bone is a poor conductor, whereas muscle is a relatively good conductor.

Biological tissues conduct electricity as they contain ions, which act as charge carriers. Some tissues conduct electricity better than others because they contain more ions that are free to carry charge.

The MK 3.5 offers several advantages over other body imagining and monitoring methods:

  • Low Cost
  • No known hazards
  • Long term monitoring of Physiological function is possible
  • Rapid data collection so that changes in function can be measured
  • Can use spectral measurements to make tissue characterisations

Maltron Sheffield MK 3.5 Technical Specifications

Technique Impedance Analyzer Tomography
Frequency Multi-Frequency 2khz – 1620 khz
Channels 8
Impedance Range 1-100 Ohms
Data Collection Speed 25 frames/sec
Accuracy No. Profile Images c.1.0% 12bit ADC8
Demodulation Digital
Outputs High Speed Serial to PC isolated to IEC601
Computer Interface High Speed Serial PCI card
Patient leads 8 Triaxial
Data point images 64
Drive current 200uAp-p at each frequency conforming to IE601
Software Matlab
AT Environment +10oc to 40oc
Relative Humidity 30% to 75% non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure 700KPa to 1060KPa
Service No serviceable parts other than periodic calibration
Guarantee 12 months parts & labour (excluding disposables)


Our software applications can operate across different platforms & have made it possible to connect diverse devices with one another. This connectivity furthermore has enabled doctors to diagnose and treat patients remotely.

Professional Quality

Maltron’s intelligent device and software advancements has made it possible and easier for clinicians to make quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases/conditions and determine the appropriate treatment method.

Proudly Accurate

Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data is more important than any other feature that a medical device offers. Maltron’s intelligence system enables fast and accurate analysis of more patients in a short time.

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