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Maltron International is the world’s leading manufacturer of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysers (BIA) and Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) imaging technology. We are an international company developing global solutions, founded in 1984 with headquarters in Essex, UK. Using cutting edge technology our highly skilled staff quickly established Maltron at the forefront of Impedance Technology offering a complete range of state-of-the-art portable imaging systems for multiple purposes. In pursuit of continuous high standards and quality, Maltron International has gained the ISO 13485 accreditation and CE marking.

“Maltron is committed to clinical excellence by being at the cutting edge, pioneering and developing advance technology for clinical use. Our in-house dedicated team of engineers continually designs new, safe non-invasive, high quality diagnostic systems to meet the demand.”

The Innovation Centre of Bioelectrical Impedance Technology

“Your Health, our Vision” is Maltron’s corporate slogan and a trade mark which embodies Maltron’s determination to realise dreams. Maltron has grown to become a renowned International manufacturer and supplier of specialised medical equipment.

Recognised internationally as a best-in-class manufacturer, Maltron products are used extensively by leading Institutes around the world – by Medics, Sports Professionals, Sports Scientists, Fitness Centres and Personal Trainers – for the easy and accurate assessment of Body Composition, Nutrition, Hydration and Body Fluid Monitoring. With continual research, design and development Maltron’s name has become synonymous in setting new standards in the field of Impedance.

Innovating for the Future

Through ongoing development and research, Maltron has built a trusted reputation for offering highly effective products at affordable prices – becoming synonymous with continual research, design and development. This has shaped us into the innovative company that we are today, fostering a corporate culture of improvement.

Working in partnership with NHS Supply Chains:

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Our software applications can operate across different platforms & have made it possible to connect diverse devices with one another. This connectivity furthermore has enabled doctors to diagnose and treat patients remotely.

Professional Quality

Maltron’s intelligent device and software advancements has made it possible and easier for clinicians to make quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases/conditions and determine the appropriate treatment method.

Proudly Accurate

Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data is more important than any other feature that a medical device offers. Maltron’s intelligence system enables fast and accurate analysis of more patients in a short time.

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