At Maltron we have developed the world’s first and most advanced

Bioelectrical Impedance

Body Composition Monitor


Artificial Intelligence

Body Composition Monitor (BCM) of Tomorrow

Defining New Standards

Human-Machine Collaboration… A Technological Revolution Never Seen Before
  • Quick diagnosis and visualisation of data allows early intervention and treatment
  • Can help accelerate the process of pinpointing and personalising therapy
  • Harnessing the power of AI, step-by-step learning helping identify and pre-diagnose patient’s symptoms
  • Can help better manage patients by being proactive, resulting in patient interaction and increase adherence and engagement
  • Could provide new solutions for measuring chronic disease outcomes
  • Early intervention and treatment can help patient and free up clinicians planning time to focus more on patient care, education, and research
  • Clinicians and researchers are inundated with data every day, it’s just not practical to sift through all the data in a meaningful way
  • Performs complex data analyses within seconds, dramatically reduce processing time
  • Your personal healthcare coach helping manage general wellness and chronic conditions
  • Complex algorithms allow it to learn, understand & teach itself
  • Is designed to automate analytical process in order to decrease the amount of time it takes, provide a better user experience, and ensure interoperability with other technology

Meeting our vision to design next-generation systems that work side-by side with humans;
Accelerating our ability to create, learn, think and help make decisions

helping advance patient care and clinical research

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The new BioScan touch i8

Smart technology that understands your
language, learns from your experience and helps provide better patient outcome.

The Body Composition Monitor of tomorrow defining new standards.

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