The accurate assessment of Body Composition and Fluid Monitoring is vital in healthy and clinical Preterm, Neonatal and Pediatric population.

Babies undergo rapid complex periods of growth and physical development that is normal in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

In clinical and research settings thorough understanding of the changes in Body Composition and Fluid Status of Preterm, Neonatal and Pediatric is essential in order to deliver appropriate therapy.

Evidence suggests that baby’s Fluid Status, Body Fat, Muscle and Bone play an important role in regulating the whole body energy metabolism.

The assessment of Body Composition and Fluid Status with the BioScan touch i8 – nano can provide vital information, this is especially important when assessing malnutrition and metabolic risk in patients with chronic disease.

Unique features of BioScan touch i8 – nano

The world’s first Body Composition monitor Calibrated for Gestational age 23 weeks to 18 years.

From the time you start using the BioScan touch i8 – nano to the moment you finish, you will be amazed by its brilliance of innovation and technology.

Clear and concise information

The uniqueness of the BioScan touch i8 – nano is in the all-round integration of its support tools. Enabling clinicians to interact with the BioScan touch i8 – nano and help make clear and concise informed decisions about patient therapy and treatment. Which in turn will help improve the quality of patient care.

Help clinicians make decision

The BioScan touch i8 – nano incorporates a smart innovative protocol to help clinicians make decision, improve treatment and reduce patient length of stay. This in return contributes to the reduction of hospital costs.

HD graphical display and simple to operate

With its brilliant 10.1” HD graphical display and modern, Multi-touch technology, the monitor is as simple to operate as your smartphone and is easy to use. Simply swipe the display to browse through a broad selection of screens tailored to various clinical situations. Each screen is designed to your needs to show exactly what you want to see and the way you want to see it.


Security enabled, the BioScan touch i8 – nano has a simple, fresh looking menu design making it very slick, easy to understand and navigate. Entering the patient information is child’s play.

Tests undertaken in seconds

Tests are undertaken in seconds and the intelligent system will automatically make you aware of non-contact electrodes or cables issues.


Developed with care providers & patients in mind

The BioScan touch i8 – nano has an innovative advanced technology with a fully integrated Ai calibration system. This technology was developed with customers in mind. For ease of use the quick check and full calibration can be completed without the Bioscan leaving your location.

Assessment of Body Composition is important in day to day routine clinical practise.

Measuring just length and weight of a baby does not provide accurate information in changes of Fluid Status, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, and Malnutrition.

Correct fluid and electrolyte balance is essential to maintain physiological function in children.

Key assessment parameters

Body Composition
• Body Fat
• Muscle Mass
• Malnutrition Index
• Body Cell Mass
• Cellular Biomarker (Phase angle)
• Height for age targets
• Weight for age targets
• BMI for age targets
• Bone Density
• Bone Mineral Content
• Fitness Score

• Over hydration (OH) (Excess Fluid)
• Dehydration
• Dry weight
• Extracellular Water
• Intracellular Water
• Total Body Water
• Fat Free Mass Hydration
• Hydration targets
• E/I Ratio

• Plasma (IVF version)
• Red Cells (IVF version)
• Hematocrit (IVF version)
• Intravascular (IVF version)
• Extravascular (IVF version)
• Interstitial fluid (IVF version)
• Historical Data Tracking (IVF version)

Mineral Contents
• Protein
• Potassium
• Calcium
• Glycogen
• Total Body Mineral Levels

• Pre, mid & post accessments
• Kt/v

Kidney Function


Visualise the Growth with the BioScan touch i8 – nano

Growth Score

Monitoring and tracking each child’s development is vital.

Growth charts can help care providers follow a child as they grow
Early indication – early intervention.

These charts may provide early warning of any medical complications which allows early intervention that is so important for improving a child’s skills and abilities. It can also help detect over, underweight and stunted growth due to underlying medical conditions. It can help provide reassurance about normality.

Height for age

BioScan touch i8 – nano height-for-age reflects attained growth in length at the child’s age. This helps identify children who are stunted due to prolonged undernutrition or repeated illness. Children who are tall for their age can also be identified, but tallness is rarely a problem unless it is excessive and may reflect uncommon endocrine disorders.

Weight for age

A baby’s birth weight is an important marker of health. Very small babies or very large babies are at greater risk for problems.

BioScan touch i8 – nano weight-for-age reflects body weight relative to the child’s age on a given day. This indicator is used to assess whether a child is underweight or severely underweight.

If a child has oedema or fluid retention this increases the child’s weight, masking what may actually be very low weight. 

BMI for age tables

An indicator useful for screening for overweight and obesity.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is used as a screening tool to identify possible weight problems in children.

The amounts of body fat, muscle, and bone change which occurs with age differs between boys and girls.

BMI and BMI-percentile-for-age do not directly measure body fat. Very athletic kids can have a high BMI-for-age due to extra muscle mass, not necessarily excess body fat. As a result, a child may have a high BMI for their age and gender, but to determine if excess fat is a problem, a health care provider would need to perform assessment using BioScan touch i8 – nano

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