The BioScan touch i8 – IVF is the world’s first novel bedside technique

for the assessment of Intravascular (IV), Extravascular (EV) Volume,

Plasma, Blood Cells, and Hematocrit

Fluid Management


In today’s fast and busy healthcare environment clinicians are faced with important decisions, on how to prescribe correct volume of fluid. The impact of a positive fluid balance on morbidity and mortality has been well documented. Avoiding fluid overload by choosing the appropriate amount of fluids for patients who are fluid-responsive, are some of the major changes.

Whenever clinicians decide to prescribe fluids, the risks and benefits of such therapy needs to be considered in order to optimise patient outcomes. Timely information on patient fluid status is crucial for accurate diagnosis.

However, little is known about how to monitor fluid status and fluid overload. Clinicians need the ability to access and review clinically relevant patient data.

That’s where the Maltron BioScan touch i8 comes in. A non-invasive monitor which provides clinicians the ability to have access to a complete profile and the ability to obtain dynamic assessments of fluid status and changes.

The BioScan touch i8 is easy to use, it is easy to fit into your current practice. It is easy to adapt, expand and update.

BioScan touch i8 – IVF

The clear print out allows for intuitive management of data.

The 10.1” crystal clear display screen allows live viewing, clear, concise, relevant data at a glance for healthcare providers.

The dynamic View Panel interface provides color-coding and placement of vital information.

Medical professionals determine what information to display depending on patient needs. This ability to tailor patient information from diverse populations ensures caregivers have the most relevant data, resulting in quick interpretation and better quality outcomes.​

The BioScan touch i8 has built-in Wi-Fi communication for unparalleled connectivity with remote caregivers.

The software display provides near real-time traces, trends and graphs and includes configurable alerts for each of the collected parameters. Its array of features, such as data collection, event analysis and a variety of PDF reports, make it versatile and customisable to your needs.

BioScan touch i8 can help you improve your standard of care and helps professionals work more efficiently.

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Analyses patient data to produce Min/Max targets for every parameter of measurement.


BioScan touch i8 – IVF is the most unique Body Composition Analyser able to produce accurate and repeatable results.
Smart technology that understands your language
learns from your experience and helps provide information for a better patient outcome

BioScan touch i8 – IVF Applications

As an all in one Body Composition Monitor the BioScan touch i8 is designed for multiple applications in any number of settings. Below are just some of the main areas we have focused on, and you will find a wide range of Clinical applications under the relevant information page.


Our software applications can operate across different platforms & have made it possible to connect diverse devices with one another. This connectivity furthermore has enabled doctors to diagnose and treat patients remotely.

Professional Quality

Maltron’s intelligent device and software advancements has made it possible and easier for clinicians to make quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases/conditions and determine the appropriate treatment method.

Proudly Accurate

Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data is more important than any other feature that a medical device offers. Maltron’s intelligence system enables fast and accurate analysis of more patients in a short time.

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The new BioScan touch i8

Smart technology that understands your
language, learns from your experience and helps provide better patient outcome.

The Body Composition Monitor of tomorrow defining new standards.

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